Monticello Help Center
Food. Help. Hope.


How to give

 We truly thank you for your interest in helping us eliminate hunger in our community by donating your hard earned money. 

Many people think that their donation needs to be a large one: that couldn't be further from the truth, especially at the Monticello Help Center.  Here,  your donations are magnified 10X.  That means for every $1 you donate to the Monticello Help Center, we are able to provide over $10 worth of food to struggling community members. 

Donate what you can and we promise that your impact will be felt by those in need. So many children, adults, and seniors in your community need and appreciate your help.  You can donate online by using the buttons below.  If you'd like to mail a check, or drop off your donation in person, please find our mailing address and contact information at the bottom of this page.

Donate to Eliminate Hunger